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"A conversation was reported between the poetic painter, William Blake, and the landscape artist, John Constable. Blake, admiring one of Constable's drawings of an avenue of fir trees, exclaimed, 'Why, this is not drawing, but inspiration!' Constable is said to have replied, 'I never knew it before; I meant it for drawing.' Both artists were right. Drawing is at the same time the most direct and simple, and the most difficult and abstract process in which an artist can engage. The means are black and white; the stick of charcoal or the pen is a direct extension of the artist's hand. Any weakness of purpose or ignorance which afflicts the artist will appear and cannot be hidden by deception. Difficult, because when one draws a line, one is creating two shapes at the same time and has to be in control of both simultaneously; abstract because line and tone must stand for color, texture, and everything else that makes up the world we experience. In short, drawing is thinking on paper. James Windram is a thinking artist and it is with great pleasure that we present his work."

Rowland Elzea, former Chief Curator, Delaware Art Museum, from an exhibition brochure for a one man exhibition at the Delaware Art Museum, James Windram "The Sleep Series."

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Repose in Red: distemper on paper Figure Series:distemper on Paper

Metamorphosis Series Metamorphosis Series:Rock


All of the paper works in the studio are done on 100% acid-free papers. The paper is hinge-mounted to allow the paper to change with humidity conditions. Framed works are all matted and framed with acid-free, museum grade, conversation boards and using only acid-free tapes and adhesives. The frames are of solid wood construction and glazed with standard picture glass.

All images are copyright 2001 - present by James Windram and may not be borrowed, reprinted, or reproduced in any manner. All rights reserved.

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